Brothers In Arms Paintball


2019 3man Open Skins

Tickets are on sale now for Event #5. Click on the picture to the left and get your tickets to the event before its sold out. See you guys there!



All teams are randomly picked from numbers drawn from a hat. There will be 3 of the same numbers for each team to make up that team.. Players will not be allowed to switch teams, if there are teams that wish to play the event see event cost below.

Rate of Fire:

Semi auto or NXL/PSP/Millennium Ramping 10.5 balls per second.

Player Ranking:

This is an open event to all levels of player from no experience to pro.

Game Play:

Prelims will be a Race to 2 with top 4 teams advancing.

Semi finals- 1st place will play 4th place team, 2nd place team will play 3rd place team in a Race to 2.

Finals- Winner of the Simi finals playing for 1st and the losers playing for 3rd.

Season Event Points:

Event points are awarded to individuals and will be a progressive point system for the season.

Event 1 Points- 1st 100, 2nd 95, 3rd 90, 4th 85, 5th 80, 6th 75 points 7th & below 70 points

Event 2 Points- 1st 105, 2nd 100, 3rd 954th 90, 5th 80, 6th 75 points 7th & below 70 points

Event 3 Points- 1st 11o, 2nd 105, 3rd 100, 4th 95, 5th 856th 80 points 7th & below 75 points

Event 4 Points- 1st 115, 2nd 110, 3rd 105, 4th 100, 5th 85, 6th 80 points 7th & below 75 points

Event 5 Points- 1st 120, 2nd 115, 3rd 100, 4th 105, 5th 90, 6th 85 points 7th & below 80 points

Event 6 Points- 1st 125, 2nd 120, 3rd 115, 4th 110, 5th 90, 6th 85 points 7th & below 80 points

Event Cost:

$25 per individual player

3man teams wishing to play can have a max of 4 players, cost per team will be $125 per 3man team (max of 3 events for the teams, only one player can receive full event points and the rest of the players will receive 50% of the event points.)

Paint Grades and cost, Rec $35 Mid $40 High $45


$10 from every entry ($40 from 3man team entry) will go into the prize pot

1st Place 50% of the prize pot, trophies and some swag

2nd Place 30% of the prize pot, trophies and some swag

3rd Place 20% of the prize pot, trophies and some swag

Teams are limited to 3 events

2019 Series Prizes:

1st Place- Luxe X

2nd Place- Push Mask and D1 Gear Bag

3rd Place- Spire III with Speed Feed

Rules of Play:

Its a fun event with the honor system, however team Armed Force will be ref'n and pulling penalties for obvious hits, and cheating. This is meant to be a low stress fun event with very little penalties being pulled.

Event Dates:

All Events will be played on Saturdays

Event #1 Jan 26, 2019

Event #2 Mar 16, 2019

Event #3 Apr 27, 2019

Event #4 Jun 1, 2019

Event #5 Aug 3, 2019

Event #6 Oct 19, 2019

Dates are subject to change due to regional and national events.

Start Time:

Gates open at 7am

Pick Teams Between 8-8:30 am

Captains Meeting 8:30am

Games Start at 9am